Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby L pt. deux

We lost baby L to sleepy town at his 3 month photo session so i went back for a visit when he was in better spirits and his eyelids weren't so heavy.  His momma had the cutest hat and i'm a sucker for cute hats :)

baby drool is a natural part of life to be enjoyed, and photographed in all of it's slimy glory...


To stop clicking that thing in my face....


Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Mr. L is growing up

Something I love about photographing babies, is when I get the chance to photograph them as they grow.  I've watched my own children grow up and it all happens so quickly, but when you only see a child once every 3 months or so, it's amazing how much they change.  The last time i spent time with Mr L he was just home from the hospital.  He slept, and ate, and cried some, but not much most newborns do.  Well now he's 3 months old and he coos and smiles and interacts with his parents.  There may still be some crying...but hey...he's still a baby :).  Thank you for letting me capture some family moments of you guys in your new home.  The weather outside was a little less than inviting for many outdoor photos, but i love capturing photos in the intimate, comfortable, home setting as well.

it's too bad they can't always be all happy and smiles  ;)
Merry Christmas!!!