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Friday, April 26, 2013

A little about me...

Most of my blog posts are about my photos...whether of other people, or my own's pretty much all photography.  Well I decided to start doing a little blogging about my own randomness as well.  There will probably be pictures, because well...I'm a visual person.  If you couldn't tell.
Today's post...entirely random because i haven't exactly had a lot of time to think about things.  So here you go....random facts about me...

1. I love being a stay at home mommy..but sometimes...i have to escape, and get away.  That usually involves going to Target.  And I can't be blamed for that because it's the only local place where a Starbucks is.
Only the best combination EVER!

Only the best combination EVER!

2. I am an ice queen.  I hate chick flick movies.  While watching a sappy movie, my husband is more likely to get emotional than me.  Unless it involves newborn babies or something...then i'm a big puddle of watery mashed potatoes.   (yuck)

Meh...mildly disheartening at best.

3. I hate cold ketchup.  It ruins hot food.  So we have two bottles of ketchup at my in the pantry, one in the fridge.

4. The sounds of scissors opening and closing is oddly calming to me.  I cannot tell you why but i love it.  sliice sliiice sliiice.  :::ahh:::

5. I drink roughly 5 cups of iced coffee per day. oof!

6. I alternately drink water, and nothing else...but i have a weird aversion to 'old' water.  If a bottle of water has been opened for more than, say, 5 hours...i don't like to drink it.  I'm like that little girl in the movie 'Signs' know...that one with mel gibson and the aliens directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong.


7. I'm a MAJOR picker of my kids.  Eye boogers, dirty ears, specks of food.  It's a problem since my kids are pretty much always covered in some grossness.

Is there something on my face?

8. The sound of a bug getting squished is the worst sound in the world.  Give me nails on a chalkboard before you squish a bug near me.  UGG!

9. We currently have 8 chicks.  We bought 10.  One died of natural causes...he was limp and gimpy one day, died the next.  We move on.  The other one....I killed.  I did.  I admit.  I put their water trough on top of it and didn't notice.  I'm a bad chick mommy.

"Did you hear about what she did to Ethel?"  "I know, it's just AWFUL!"

10. I have no concept of the notion that i'm not 18 anymore.  I feel like I am mentally...except i have this mortgage and car payment and groceries to buy and 1 husband, 3 little people, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 10-no 8 chickies relying on me. I still like to shop in Juniors departments...but i'm trying to get over that one.  Who entrusted me with all of this responsibility?  Surely they were mistaken...I can't handle this madness!!

11.  And since i was looking through photos and saw get a #11.  For Halloween Baby Owen was still tiny, so i planned to carry him in his wrap carrier.  He needed a costume too so i got really smart and cute and made us the tortoise and the hare!  Except not one person 'got it.'  They all thought i was a playboy bunny.  Because all sexy playboy bunnies carry their babies in carriers with them.  I don't understand people.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'post' of Christmas Past

Hahahaha....see what i did there...POST of Christmas past.  buh-dum-dum-chhhh!
ok anyways...i totally forgot that i took these pics and since i got a new memory card for Christmas i hadn't seen the old one for a few here is my family...and even one of me and the hubs.  I know!  I got in FRONT of the camera!
on our way to church service on Christmas Eve...have you ever seen better lookin' kids?  I for one, have not.  :)