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Monday, January 9, 2012

R & K are having a baby!

Maternity sessions are a lot of fun.  It's always nice to see a young couple, just beginning to expand their family.  This is R&K's first baby and Joel and I are so excited for them.  When we first met them they were engaged to be married, and we only had one child.  I'm fairly certain that at that time K wasn't quite ready for kids yet and was maybe grossed out by babies.  ;)  I know that you guys are going to be great parents and I can't wait to see your little baby girl!  Congratulations and we wish you the best that life has to offer!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

number 4 is on the way...

I spent last Saturday with a great friend of mine and her growing family.  Mrs. Jami is going on her 4th gorgeous baby.  We already have Mr. A, Miss E, Miss I, and is Mr. O.  I'm not sure what "U" will be ;)  I joke around that she has 14 kids or something, but really, all of her kids are great and she is a great momma to them.  They can drive her a little crazy, but really....isn't that a kids job?  So we anticipate Mr O's arrival and can't wait to see if he looks EXACTLY like your other 3 newborns, lol.

and you're about to hate me...but we love your crazy goofy family :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A fun Maternity shoot....

After much scheduling, and re-scheduling, and then re-scheduling again, I was finally able to meet up with a couple from our church for their maternity shoot.  We scheduled on the weekend of Harvest Homecoming and I was excited to try my hadn at some real action/urban/fair/night/moving lights shots.  It was a very exciting time for me, lol.  David and Beth, I hope you guys enjoy these.  I had so much fun shooting them.  You guys are a fantastic couple and this baby of yours is entering into an awesome home full of love;  Love for each other, Love for the Lord, and Love for this sweet little baby boy.  I can't wait to meet him!

conversing over the worst iced coffees we've ever had.  ;)

these 'drawings' up in the windows were a fun photo op, and they were willing to play along!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Double Maternity!

A friend of mine, and her friend are both some preggo people right now so i was asked to do a double maternity shoot.  One girl being nearly 38(ish) weeks, the other being 24(ish).  So while there is a vast difference in stages of pregnancy, they both had fun and were a blast to work with.  I wish you both the absolute best in your pregnancies and can't wait to see me some new babies!!
strike a pose!

my favorite joint shot...

this horse would not leave her alone! :)

and some of the soon to be mommy x 2 and her boy!

and the kids were too cute to not be in a few pics on their own...