Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby E and his parents too...

This family is one that you've seen before.  I met them through a facebook connection and have 'shot' them twice now.  I love when I have repeat clients...especially those with children.  I love seeing how kids grow and change, and sometimes how they don't ever change. :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby S

Well folks...I hope you are comfortable, because you are about to be inundated with photographs...and this time..NOT of my own kids.  Last weekend i got together with a little family from our church.  We had the great honor seeing these two get married less than 2 years ago, and NOW...I got to photograph their sweet little baby boy.  Steve and Amber are two amazing people that Joel and I have come to know better recently.  They are so on fire for God and have hopes to go join the mission field soon.  While they would be greatly missed, we pray that God utilizes the fire in their hearts to share his WORD.  But for now, we are all enjoying seeing them grow from a family of 2, to a family of 3.  You guys are going to be amazing parents to this sweet little boy and I wish you all the best in years to come...and MANY more children as cute and well behaved as this one!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Me, Me and then Me. All About Me! MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME

     If you are here because you googled meme...this is not what you are looking for...nor was this a ploy to get more blog hits.  It just so happens that this blog post is about me me me.
     Newsflash!  I don't like being in photographs...i have made it a very specific point to avoid being in photographs, which i have mentioned before methinks.  I have made it so much a point that i've made a part-time job out of being at the furthest point from the front of the lens as physically possible....359 degrees away from it!  Part of that reason was because I, like most women in the world...don't like the way i look in pictures.  The only photos i've made a point to be IN in the last few years were maternity photos because hey...everyone looks fat when they are 8 mos pregnant, and everyone loves a pregnant belly so there is a lot of forgiveness on how you otherwise look.  
     So anyways...i made a new years resolution of sorts, except without all of the announcement and fanciness of actually 'MAKING' one.  I told myself that this would be the year that I would lose this baby weight.  The factory that has been my uterus for 4 years has shut down.  It's closed.  Never to re-open.  Gone.  BYE BYE.  No severance packages, no unemployment...CLOSED. WOOHOO!  So anyways...now to lose this extra 25 lbs i've packed on through 3 babies.  I started my journey at a nice svelte 115.  I wasn't in GREAT shape but i was skinny and content.  Now i'm a mom and have the hips to prove it but i'd like to be somewhere in the vicinity of that weight again.  140 is not that close.  I know some of you may be reading this thinking 140!?  That's a great weight!  But not for my frame...my size dictates 140 as rather large.  So anyways...this is all a long post to say that i'm finally getting over my pity party and doing something about it! I've been doing this the 'good way.'  Since i'm still feeding the baby with my body...I can't exactly diet, and if i did, it would take FOREVER.  With my heart condition as it is (thanks alexander!!)  I want to strengthen my heart muscles, which means running and walking in a controlled environment where i can monitor myself.  Plus...i'm a big fan of the chocolate...and the muffins with chocolate, and the coffee....with chocolate, and the chocolate stuffed with gooey chocolate.  So...i'm losing weight by WORKING OUT!  It's crazy i know.  In this day and age it seems like working out is the last choice by those wanting to lose weight but for me...it seemed the easiest.  I go to the YMCA...which provides excellent childcare for the hour that i spend there, thus..MOMMYTIME! They also have fancy treadmills with tv's on each one so i can work out to cable television!  Unfortunately that usually means that i watch food network or Next Great Baker...which just makes me want chocolate and greasy cheeseburgers and pizza and steak. But i digress.....So i workout anywhere from 2-3x per week for about an hour.  Ideally i'd like to do it more, and once it is warmer outside i will run outside down my street...but for now....it's at the gym 2-3x per week.  I walk/run 2 miles and then do ab work and so far...it's working!  I'm down 10ish pounds so far and it feels AWESOME!  The thing about working out to lose weight...is that it sorta puts you on a 'diet' frame of mind.  If i run for a mile and then go stuff my face into 4 slices of cheesecake...i wasted the hour.  If i eat a chicken salad for lunch instead...i've made a good choice!  So this ridiculously long blog post is basically to tell you that i'm working on losing weight and am happy to announce that thus far it is working.  I seem to have finished the 'plateau' of my weight loss at 10lbs and will probably have to work my BUM off to lose the 5-10 more than i want to but that's ok.  I'm healthier, and my heart can now handle the work out WAY better than when i first started out.  Before if i walked for a block i'd be out of breath and gasping...now i can jog 2 blocks and quickly catch my breath.  So without further ado...I got in front of a camera.  I met up with some other local photogs and we did a head shot swap so with great thanks to http://www.facebook.com/ExposuresStudioPhotography  and http://www.facebook.com/AcquiredPhotography  i have some headshots, and some photos of me at a weight i'm happier with!  Plus my face fat has gone down so that's always good.  lol

and my own self portrait sans make-up or any hair brushing at all    obviously

i have no comparison photos...i'm just THAT good at avoiding cameras. :)  All i can tell you is that none of my jeans fit, and i'm somewhat comfortable with wearing those ultra fitted workout pants out in public now.  I hope nobody's retinas are bleeding.
if you're still reading...thanks.  I can only imagine how boring this has been for you.  I promise not to post about myself again.  Unless i lose 10 more pounds...then i'll post my magazine supermodel spread.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boyd Family

I met up with a special little family a few days ago at a gorgeous little 'new to me' park in Prospect.  I never know what to expect when i go to new locations, but i always love finding little nooks and corners of light and scenery.  The little boy is only a few weeks older than my youngest and he is a cutie!  He had a rough start in life and spent a few weeks in the NICU but you'd never know it now!  Thank you for letting me drag you around in the frozen tundra of Kentucky! :)