Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snickerdoodle Stew

Many people are aware that Kenzie is a model for a boutique kid's clothing called 'Snickerdoodle Stew.'  She was recently featured on a blog for a dress pattern review...and if i dare say so....she ROCKED that dress.
But that photo shoot was early in the morning, and she really didn't have a chance to show you the full versatility of the dress...we all know that it's all about the accessories!  So here is a better look at the dress in it's FULL glory!

'clothing is all about confidence...anybody can wear long as you KNOW you look good.'
 "I can't say enough about sunglasses...they make you invincible"

  "yawn!    i grow bored"

But who has time to sit around for the paparazzi....she has things to do.  Lunch meetings, and shopping, and appointments to keep. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

{The Vintage Honey Shop} teething necklace

I was recently asked to do a review for a company that I have been a fan of for a while now.  I've been nursing my youngest son for going on 10 months now, and have pretty much been a fan of teething necklaces since I started.  The Vintage Honey Shop is a store run by two moms and they make the most gorgeous necklaces that are both baby and mommy friendly.  They have endless options for fabric to match any and all tastes and babies!  They offer two types of necklaces, with or without the teething ring and mommies can rest assured knowing that both cotton fabric and wooden beads/teethers are safe for baby to play with and gnaw on! (more info here
I was so excited to get my necklace that I didn't even get a chance to photograph the awesome wrapping that it comes in, but i's UBER cute and fun and uses these ingredients...

But that's not what we all REALLY care about right?  It's all about the necklace...this is what i was surprised with!

I wore the necklace out and about the day I got it and got multiple compliments from mom and non-moms who had no idea it was for baby.  As for my little guy...he is big on pinching and clawing at me when he is nursing, which is not so much fun.  When I have the necklace on it serves as an excellent distraction for his eyes and little baby fingers (complete with sharp as needles fingernails).  I would absolutely suggest a teething necklace to all new (and experienced) mommies.  Mom's with little ones know that jewelry nearly becomes useless with a baby in tow, especially if you carry your baby in a carrier on you.  Those little gold/silver chains don't stand a chance against strong baby arms!  I love my Vintage Honey necklace and plan to wear it even after my big baby boy grows up!

these ducks decided they had to be in on the shoot.  Getting payment from them wasn't even worth the trouble pockets!

you can find them on facebook here or they are on etsy here and their main website is

Monday, June 24, 2013

Photography Class

Photography is a passion for me.  We decided to invest in my first D-SLR camera a few years ago so that I could better capture our kids and maybe have some fun learning the ins and outs of REAL photography.  I soon found that I was obsessed with it and photography became a true calling for me.  I love capturing life's fleeting moments through my lens.  While any pictures can be better than NO pictures, I have always wanted to show people that taking better pictures is easy and can be done by anyone with a decent camera and the desire to learn.  So I'm starting a photography class.  I'll start holding them from time to time so that people can learn and see what photography is all about.  In this modern day and age many of us just click the 'on' switch, and press the shutter button, letting the camera decide the object of focus, the best lighting, the depth of focus...everything.  "Photography" over-riding what modern engineering has taken into it's own hands and using our human minds to create art and memories.  The difference between having a good camera, and knowing how to use it...can be HUGE...

So join me and learn how to use that awesome camera!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

poppin' tags

So i went to a local thrift shop the other day....and i did indeed pop some tags....

vintage suitcase  $3    teal children's dress  $7     putting together a photo shoot that's been in my head for years....PRICELESS  :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Father's are so much fun to photograph.  Something about the tenderness of a daddy holding his baby.  It's an awesome thing to see and capture.  I hope all of you daddys young and old have had a wonderful father's day.  Hug your kiddos tight...they are the reason you're a daddy!

and the best daddy of all....the daddy of my babies.  We all love you so very much.  Here's a throw back to an earlier time...with a little less photographic skill but the memories make it worth while!  ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Labor/Birth Sessions

When most people hear the words "Birth photo session" they think...really?  People want to be photographed when they are in labor?  Birth is thought about like how the movies portray it...a woman sits down in a fancy restaurant with her husband and all of the sudden her water breaks and they rush off to the hospital only to result in either a totally unrealistic beautiful woman in no pain at all, make-up still in tact; or a woman covered in sweat, hair all over the place, mascara running down her face, unable to speak from exhaustion.  Neither of those situations are very real.  Sure it may happen but is that what we really think of labor?  Birth photography is changing the landscape of what we think of labor.  The birth of a child is a beautiful thing, and one of the most important days in a couple's life...why would we NOT want to photograph and remember that day?  As a mom of three, I know that while labor feels like it lasts forever in the moment, as soon as baby is born, time melts away and you have hardly any remembrance at all of your labor.  A few weeks ago I was able to witness two fabulous women give birth to their children.  It was an exhausting week but also, it was amazing.  I've birthed life into the world three times but seeing someone else give birth, witnessing it from the other side is, well...pretty darn cool.
The interesting thing about labor, is that it's ALWAYS different.  You can never guess what exactly is going to happen and when.  I attended two births and they were totally different in mood, and feel, and technique.
If you are expecting a baby do yourself and your child a favor and choose to have the day memorialized through good photography.  How cool will it be to sit down with your kid someday and show them some photos from the day they were born?  How you were feeling, how you both chose, and didn't choose the method in which things happened.  Thank you to both of my new and new again mommas who let me attend their special day!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Aren't we all a little tired of my baby

...I'm sure you are but its my last baby so give me some credit here!  He is so close to crawling right now...he's all over the living room with his little scoot and roll.  So it's time for more photos right?!

 "Like a Sir!"

Friday, May 10, 2013


normal....what is that?  How is normal defined?  I guess it's totally subjective...everyone's normal is different. For us...normal is chaos...maybe organized chaos on good days.  Life with 3 kids can get pretty crazy.  We got married young but waited a good 5 years before having our first kiddo.  Since then I've either had a newborn or been pregnant.  I was pregnant in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.  2013 shall be different. No more more pregnancies.  No more of these sweet babies....

I cannot claim any credit for Kenzie's pic here....Poor Alexander...his were AWFUL...Owen....well he lucked out....

'Normal' here, is a fabulous life.  There are rough mornings, and long days...but those are capped off with late night snuggles on the couch, early morning bed sharing, afternoon picnics at parks, playing superheroes, and more kisses on soft chubby cheeks than any one person should get to have.  Our normal is anything but's glamorous. :)