Monday, June 24, 2013

Photography Class

Photography is a passion for me.  We decided to invest in my first D-SLR camera a few years ago so that I could better capture our kids and maybe have some fun learning the ins and outs of REAL photography.  I soon found that I was obsessed with it and photography became a true calling for me.  I love capturing life's fleeting moments through my lens.  While any pictures can be better than NO pictures, I have always wanted to show people that taking better pictures is easy and can be done by anyone with a decent camera and the desire to learn.  So I'm starting a photography class.  I'll start holding them from time to time so that people can learn and see what photography is all about.  In this modern day and age many of us just click the 'on' switch, and press the shutter button, letting the camera decide the object of focus, the best lighting, the depth of focus...everything.  "Photography" over-riding what modern engineering has taken into it's own hands and using our human minds to create art and memories.  The difference between having a good camera, and knowing how to use it...can be HUGE...

So join me and learn how to use that awesome camera!


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