Monday, July 8, 2013

{The Vintage Honey Shop} teething necklace

I was recently asked to do a review for a company that I have been a fan of for a while now.  I've been nursing my youngest son for going on 10 months now, and have pretty much been a fan of teething necklaces since I started.  The Vintage Honey Shop is a store run by two moms and they make the most gorgeous necklaces that are both baby and mommy friendly.  They have endless options for fabric to match any and all tastes and babies!  They offer two types of necklaces, with or without the teething ring and mommies can rest assured knowing that both cotton fabric and wooden beads/teethers are safe for baby to play with and gnaw on! (more info here
I was so excited to get my necklace that I didn't even get a chance to photograph the awesome wrapping that it comes in, but i's UBER cute and fun and uses these ingredients...

But that's not what we all REALLY care about right?  It's all about the necklace...this is what i was surprised with!

I wore the necklace out and about the day I got it and got multiple compliments from mom and non-moms who had no idea it was for baby.  As for my little guy...he is big on pinching and clawing at me when he is nursing, which is not so much fun.  When I have the necklace on it serves as an excellent distraction for his eyes and little baby fingers (complete with sharp as needles fingernails).  I would absolutely suggest a teething necklace to all new (and experienced) mommies.  Mom's with little ones know that jewelry nearly becomes useless with a baby in tow, especially if you carry your baby in a carrier on you.  Those little gold/silver chains don't stand a chance against strong baby arms!  I love my Vintage Honey necklace and plan to wear it even after my big baby boy grows up!

these ducks decided they had to be in on the shoot.  Getting payment from them wasn't even worth the trouble pockets!

you can find them on facebook here or they are on etsy here and their main website is


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