Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My fairy girl and woodland crazy boy

i took these photos of my two upright children a few weeks ago but used some as Christmas gifts so i couldn't release much but now it's safe!!



Saturday, December 22, 2012

What sound does it make?

These, my friends, are the sounds that an animal makes....
(pay special attention at 1:30)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Owen smiles/laughs

Now i'm no videographer...obviously...but this is some sweet sweet sweetness!!



Baby Girl Miss M

Well folks it happened!  A baby girl was born to people that I I got to photograph a baby GIRL!  It's too bad that her daddy is anti-headbands.  BUT since he wasn't there at the photoshoot I did get to sneak in a few girly things :)  How a man with now 4 girls can manage to be anti-headband i'm not sure lol.  Miss M is an absolute sweetheart and her mommy is smitten by her, as she is with her other 3 daughters too I know.  We'll be doing a followup shoot with her other sister and daddy soon but here she is!

Merry Chrimas!

I find that as a parent now, my language has changed. It's perfectly normal for my regular conversation with my husband to involve the words 'geeeenoooooooo' or 'ahden' or 'bwead?' and it this time of year....Chrimas. Kenzie could never say Christmas the first year so the holiday became known in our family as Chrimas. So Merry Chrimas from our family to yours!