Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall has begun!

Judging from all of the blogs and facebook status updates that i've read this week, FALL has begun across the country!  It's just like one day we were groaning and moaning that we were tired of the 90 degree heat, and then BAM!  It's 65 degrees, windy and overcast and you have 3.5 seconds to pull out your fall wardrobe and get it hung up.  The family and I have a little walk that we have taken a couple of times recently that goes down our little street, down a little hill, and ends with a hopeful visit to a pony.  It makes my daughter's day when that pony is outside.  So I got brave and took both children by myself today, which is a task with only a single stroller.  My girl did great walking the whole way up and down the hill, but no pony was in sight unfortunately.  I brought the camera to photograph the little guy but ended up snapping some greenery instead.


Joey said...

I told you that was POKEWEED! HA!

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