Friday, October 26, 2012


alright so our oldest son isn't exactly the best talker...we're still working on a lot of basics but for some reason he adds -ya to the ends of a lot of words.  In fact...he adds weird endings to most words. Dash or Da-dash, Mom is Mahnya, or Maush.  Its Xander speak...but i in honor of Owen's unofficial he is.
We've reached the age that i honestly cringe at photographing babies solo.  2-4 mos is sorta a mild nightmare to photograph because it's the age of discontent.  They no longer will sleep through a shoot.  Sure you can try but as soon as you push that shutter button the eyes pop right back open.  They are also not really appeased by much of interest in toys yet, you certainly can't give them any solid food, and their attention span is 1.7896986 seconds. Oh and add into that mess that they are still extremely 'flail-ly' which is Becca-speak for, "put your stinkin arms down, now get them out of your mouth, why are you squirming, are you pooping, hold your legs still, stop pawing your own face, can't you roll up into a tight little cute ball still?" So photos of Oween-ya for now are going to be mostly snapshots...excepting the first one which was a glorious moment of 'I want to be a SUPERMODEL'


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