Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Love Your BAG! {Cheeky Lime Rachel Cave Review}

So I have two addictions and neither of them are exactly on the cheap end of the spectrum...Camera lenses, and purses.  Most of the time my love of camera lenses turns a profit so i'm able to fund my purse addiction as well as further my lens collection...but i digress.  Every good camera totin' gal knows that the olde school Nikon brand or (shudder) Canon brand camera bags are made for men.  Plain black nylon, covered in zippers and nothingness.  So you see this is where my love of purses and camera lenses coincide...
Once i acquired more than 2 lenses, I was no longer able to carry my camera around with me on photo shoots and feel like they were off I went in search of a CUTE camera bag.  There are a few brands that have been around for a little while, and some new...most RIDICULOUSLY expensive.  Then I came across Cheeky Lime.  Yes...Cheeky Lime.  {My husband even loves that name}  Cheeky lime produces cute, stylish, affordable, and USEFUL camera bags.  When I first found them, I fell in love with their classic bag.  It was cute and i decided i HAD to get it.  Well then a few weeks later I caught a glimpse of their newly released bags...and I got uber excited!  If anyone knows me, then you probably know i'm in love with the grey and yellow color combo.  And this bag...well....this was it!  

I promptly saved my pesos and ordered it direct from their site with FREE shipping.  I waited and waited for it to arrive (no thanks to FEDEX who apparently likes things to sit in their warehouse for 2 days untouched by man). arrived and i love it and i've used it to house and tote my camera ever since.  The bag is large enough for all of my equipment and then quite a bit more.  I've actually used it for camera bag and diaper bag when out before and it did the job.  The straps are comfortable and the padding on the bottom and all four sides makes me rest assured that all is safe and sound inside.  This bag is certainly worth the investment, especially considering the investment that it is protecting! The colors are great, inside and out.  The purple corduroy like fabric is thick and tough, the chevron is heavy duty as well and i've not had any problems with dirt or staining.  I imagine when i eventually get it messy after sitting it on the ground during photo shoots that it will easily wipe clean.  The 4 metal feet on the bottom certainly help with the cleanliness too.  The turquoise inside makes me happy and keeps things easy to find with the light color.  There are plenty of dividers inside to separate all of the lenses and flashes and camera bodies and such that come with this gig.

 And since modern science won't allow me to take a picture of my camera with my camera...a camera phone pic will suffice...AND my daughter got in on the action to give you an idea of the size.  She's 4 and full of attitude and wonder and anger and sweetness and hunger (OMG hunger).

So there you have it!  I love my Cheeky Lime bag!  If you are trying to find a camera bag for yourself then i seriously suggest looking into their products to find one that works for you.  
(oh and i was in no way paid for this or anything by Cheeky Lime...i just love their stuff.  But seriously, Cheeky Lime, if you wanna give me something that would be okay too)  :)


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