Monday, August 8, 2011

A baby shower...

This past weekend a friend of mine threw an adorable baby shower for her friend and i was asked to make some memories for them.  It was a scorcher outside but everyone seemed to have a good time with the adorable book-themed treats and tye dying onesies!

momma was trying to dye shirts...but there were too many sweat bees!

gift time!...and she had a little helper...

she kinda wanted every gift for herself  :)


soooo sleepy....

and a few of the momma herself!

how cute are the shoes!

best of luck to ya momma!  this baby has a lot of love to enter in to :)

P Dub!

I've been a follower of The Pioneer Woman for a Loooong time (
She usually has photo contests and i enter but haven't ever gotten anywhere with it....well this time i got one in!  I'm so psyched.  Her site is amazing and she has amzing recipes as well as photography featured.  So check me out on the link!  woot woot!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tea Party

We found an old gift that Kenzie got when she was a baby today and decided that it was time to tear open the package and play tea party!  This tea set is teeny tiny but she loves it and has since been serving every 'friend' (stuffed animal or toy) tea.