Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Chrimas!

I find that as a parent now, my language has changed. It's perfectly normal for my regular conversation with my husband to involve the words 'geeeenoooooooo' or 'ahden' or 'bwead?' and it this time of year....Chrimas. Kenzie could never say Christmas the first year so the holiday became known in our family as Chrimas. So Merry Chrimas from our family to yours!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So many things!!

I have so many things to update on here but we'll start with my personal excitement for the week...if you'll remember, I mentioned entering a photo contest a month or so ago...( is the new home of a certain photo of a little someone you'll recognize!!

I've been jam packed busy again with photo shoots and I'm really truly enjoying it.  I'm so blessed to get to do what I love so it never feels like work.  I successfully had my first day of mini-shoots and man was it hectic but the day was so perfect and i was able to get some super sweet shots of so many people.
I also got to spend the afternoon with a gorgeous little family just down the road from us.  Their little boy is only a few weeks younger than my baby boy so we had a great time!
Even further back, I got to do another shoot for some great family friend's of ours.  They have the sweetest and cutest kids and I always love shooting friends (lol).  These kiddos played all over the place and mom loved it i'm sure when i said, 'ok go play in the leaves and dirt!'


Monday, November 12, 2012

Twin boys

So a good friend of mine likes to time her pregnancies with mine.  There seems to be a running theme like that with most of my friends though...we are all, always pregnant.  With her latest pregnancy she had a wonderful blessing...she had twins.  I thank God daily that i wasn't blessed with that because i'm not a person that can handle that...not to mention that she also has a foster child in the same age group as her other 2 biological children....which if you haven't been keeping track makes a grand total of 5, count them 5 children under the age of 4!!  She however, is a fantastic mom.  She can handle this type of challenge and still manage to crochet blankets, and sew their clothes, and bake cookies, and renovate a home.  She's my super hero. :)  So anyways....i begged her to let me photograph her newest little boys once they were born and she happily obliged without further ado...I give you baby S and Baby N...

and last but most certainly not favorite....