Friday, August 19, 2011

1 year?! Where did that go!?

Exactly one year ago today i was probably at one of the most miserable times.  I was 38 weeks pregnant, I was struggling with SVT, It was 95 degrees every day, i was still working part time, and I was about the size of a narwhal...which is 3500 lbs for those who aren't narwhal specialists.  Aren't narwhals fascinating creatures?!  I've never seen one at Seaworld or a zoo or anything, so i thought they were extremely endangered, but they are not.  In fact they aren't even threatened.  Barely even a concern!  So why don't we hear more about them!?  The wikipedia page on them is tiny!  It's like nobody cares!  I care narwhals....i care.
So baby will be one year old in four days.  That's crazy!  We had a family get together tonight to celebrate and let him open his gifts in the comforts of home.  We couldn't all get together until around 6:30pm and bedtime is USUALLY 7 so we stayed home.  This little man had the best day and behaved SO well.  We had taken him to the zoo earlier so he had a blast looking at the animals and wandering the zoo...and then he got to open presents, and eat CAKE!  The best pictures of the boy came from cake eating....which was HILARIOUS with this hambone!

we will DEFINITELY be giving this another go with a better photo shoot in the future.  The boy loves his cake!! :)


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