Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby L pt. deux

We lost baby L to sleepy town at his 3 month photo session so i went back for a visit when he was in better spirits and his eyelids weren't so heavy.  His momma had the cutest hat and i'm a sucker for cute hats :)

baby drool is a natural part of life to be enjoyed, and photographed in all of it's slimy glory...


To stop clicking that thing in my face....


Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Mr. L is growing up

Something I love about photographing babies, is when I get the chance to photograph them as they grow.  I've watched my own children grow up and it all happens so quickly, but when you only see a child once every 3 months or so, it's amazing how much they change.  The last time i spent time with Mr L he was just home from the hospital.  He slept, and ate, and cried some, but not much most newborns do.  Well now he's 3 months old and he coos and smiles and interacts with his parents.  There may still be some crying...but hey...he's still a baby :).  Thank you for letting me capture some family moments of you guys in your new home.  The weather outside was a little less than inviting for many outdoor photos, but i love capturing photos in the intimate, comfortable, home setting as well.

it's too bad they can't always be all happy and smiles  ;)
Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My little boy

My son is a nutjob.  He is absolutely the most crazy, sweet, high maintenance, fireball of boyhood i've ever seen.  He breaks your heart with his tears, and makes you smile with his belly laughs.  He smiles with his whole face...if he's smiling his eyes are squinted shut and it's the cutest thing in the world.  In the middle of a play session, he'll stop for hug breaks.  His favorite movie is Shrek 2.  If he is fussy and I put in Shrek 2....the world is at peace again.  He'll stand 1 foot away from the tv screen and stare.  He bounces to the music and smiles with his whole face. He also is into anything and everything that he's not supposed to be into, and he has no idea what the word NO means.  His vocabulary is DAH.  It means, i need juice, i need milk, i'm tired, i'm hungry, get that, hold me, go away, play with me, my teeth hurt, i'm done, dad, and mom.  I love my baby boy...