Thursday, June 9, 2011

Natural Light

I love using natural light in all of my photography.  If i happen to have my camera in auto mode and the flash pops open, i usually shut it and switch to manual mode.  I haven't invested in flash equipment and have no plans to.  A reflector would be nice, but nevertheless...i use natural light in everything i do.  There are a few reasons for this...a flash takes time to perfect and in the moment that i am working with fast moving children i don't want to worry about flash levels and distances and strengths and types etc etc.  I would miss too many shots if i wasn't able to just click away at kiddos sometimes.  I also prefer it because it is such an even way to light everything in the photo.  Using outdoor spaces a lot of time you'll get over exposure on some parts and under on others, but as long as my target is exposed just right, the background can be fixed or sometimes it just works.  My third reason is eyes.  Outdoors, children's eyes just light up into the lens.  Now granted i happen to have light eyed children so it's even better, but the way that eyes look with purely natural light is my favorite thing.  All of this to eyes, in natural perfect evening light, is what i love most about photographing kids :)


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